Die Kassenpatienten - Ärzte-Tribute-Band

Since the band was set up it has rocked the stages at more than 300 concerts throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At their captivating, atmospheric stage show they play songs by artists from all eras, freely according to the maxim ‘von kurz nach früher bis jetze’ (the best from shortly after earlier until now). There is no shortage of fun and party! And it isn’t long before the famous sparks from this energy-packed tribute show leap across to the audience. In their 3–hour concert programme they play classics like, ‘Westerland’, ‘Junge’, ‘Der Graf’, ‘Mach die Augen zu’ ... and more recent songs like ‘Lasse redn’, ‘Männer & Frauen’. In so doing the trio bring the feeling of the original artists to the stage.

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You hear: »Ausschnitte divers« by Die Kassenpatienten

Die Kassenpatienten

Die Kassenpatienten

09.06.2018, 19:30

City park