In the original line-up (guitar, guitar/bass and cajón /percussion) unplugged, classics from Rock, Pop, Country and Blues. Live, authentic and above all else, with so much enthusiasm for the music. Well-known titles provided with their own style. MEP Live are: Mario Scheufler, Michael Ernesto Schmitt and Peter Weigerding. These 3 thoroughbred musicians have many years of experience on 10 strings – that is 2 guitars - and percussion, coupled with flawless, polyphonic singing, providing hand-made, live music at its finest. For 6 years now MEP live have been touring with this concept. Idiosyncratic, inspiring acoustics and not one bit boring. At every concert, MEP Live presents an exciting journey through a variety of genres and decades. Ballads alternating with rocking songs, oldies, followed with the latest hits – boredom is not an option. Interesting arrangements, alternating instruments and vocal experiments provide the desired ‘aha’ effect. No playbacks, midi files, samples or loops, computers or other such tricks – just genuine, honest live music. At MEP live you don’t just get to hear every tone, you can see them too.

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You hear: »Live in Kaiserslautern« by Mep-Live



10.06.2018, 13:00

Primary School