Bedlam Oz

Bedlam Oz is a world theatre group that fills spaces and places with style, elegance and grace. Since 1996 they have played in more than 25 countries on 5 continents, and overcome all language barriers with their physical and visual style of theatre. The “actors” are two shiny, metallic tubes, which tower up to 6 meters tall and are incredibly flexible. They twist and turn, create spirals, grow and shrink, roll around and create their own wonderfully magical world, which captivates the audience. The tubes are in Kufstein as a mobile walking act.

Blue Baby Blue - a driving act

Germany doesn’t have enough babies! Instead they’re getting bigger! Mum isn’t here ... but the pram is rolling! The babies have been let loose and are making the city unsafe. A fun driving act for all low birth rate years! The best offspring since the baby bust! The latest production by ENSEMBLE KROFT.

The Dodos

As part of a national study of genetic inheritance and species behaviour, the famous Professor Jean, accompanied by his assistant Jean (a former forensic doctor) have been asked to take over leadership of this urban research safari. The everyday life of these two researchers turns into an adventure. Their expedition, on the back of a dodo, takes them through cities and villages on the search for new species. Curious and plump, they want to know everything about you: Your laugh, your diet, your habits, your political opinion ... the big census has begun! Since their formation in 2016 they have taken part in many international events. The Dodos can adapt their performance to any type of event or festival. A must-see!

Theater Irrwisch

Boyish charm, artistic footwork and delightful humour. Theater Irrwisch offers street theatre with everything from classic juggling to top-class acrobatics. Totally eccentric characters, who prove that there’s not much difference between madness and genius. But what makes Irrwisch so fun? It’s probably the spontaneity and understatement with which they downplay their fascinating artistic skills, bringing their unrestrained fantasy worlds to life and hiding their glowing love for humanity behind bold cheekiness.

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