Delinus 03

You are most welcome to enter the line number 3, the smallest taxi-van off all times. Get a ticket from the charming conductor. This little vehicle has no specific timetable but offers an excellent “hop on – hop off” service. Nobody knows, when the taxi-van departs, how long the trip takes or which route the driver takes…only one thing is certain: “There is always space for one more!”

Martin Forget MEN-ALIEN

Since centuries people ask themselves: Does live exist on other planets? And if so, how do the creatures look like? Now, the question is answered. The proof is done: Cosmic creatures exist. One of them has landed on planet Earth: the MEN-ALIEN. The MEN-ALIEN is no small, green, thin male with big eyes and a small nose. No, this creature from outer space looks completely different as one would expect. It has three heads, four faces and many legs. All day, it sniffs around and touches everything and everyone, because it is curious about you! Is it dangerous? Just experience for yourself…the MEN-ALIEN.


NARANJA – the summery Stelzentheater (stilts theatre) is fresh and fruity. Sweet, juicy and a little bit sour. Playful, cheeky and sensual. Colorful and cheerful. Aromatic scent of summery oranges – this can be summarized in one word by NARANJA! The ladies of Naranja (Spanish for orange) entice their audience with the contagious fragrance of oranges and with a colorful summer look. Get some summer in your home with the Stelzentheater Naranja and you never have to be afraid of bad weather again.

Pink Flamingo

Flamingos are a curiosity in real life – however, this one does not stand one-legged in the water, it drives around the streets and the festival ground. The stylistic anatomy of the bird, special sounds and the players which bring it to live, present this unique walk act, which is not less bizarre than its natural counterpart. No one is safe from its snout. Cheeky, it looks around and acts with the spectators. It meets likewise the enthusiasm of children and adults. If it is not appropriately admired, it likes to catch a hat from one’s head.


The realistic, living bronze statue of a couple at the dinner table. A mysterious steaming pan, three empty plaits and an empty seat. Who want to join? When the lady serves her favorite dish, the visitor can be disappointed. For one thing: The spectator has an amazing time! Who is brave enough? Help yourself and enjoy your meal! “Potluck” is an exceptional statue act full of interaction and humor. A handmade masterpiece with high aesthetic content. Come and see, come and taste!

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